Ideal grinders for large and heavy items

SCANTOOL floor belt grinders are the ideal grinders for large and heavy items that cannot be lifted/moved to the grinder. Used, among others in shipyards and in the windmill industry for grinding of welds in floor height. With SCANTOOL floor belt grinders the operator can stand up and grind in floor level.

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Made in Denmark

Adjustable floor grinder

On the Scantool 75FG, the operating handle is height adjustable and can be customised for height of person. The pressure from the floor belt grinders are also adjustable and at the same time it is possible to adjust the belt grinding surface, so you can always use the full width of the grinding belt, although the floor is uneven.


Grinding belt (mm) 75x2000
Machine height (mm) 1000
Machine length (mm) 2000
Machine width (mm) 710
Motor (HP) 5.5
Net weight (kg) 70
Number of spindle speeds 1
Rpm 2800/3300
Voltage 3x400/440V-50/60 Hz
Wheel size, Contact wheel (ø mm) 200x75x20
Wheel size, Drive wheel (ø mm) 200x75x28

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